Best Guide on How to Write an Excellent Research Paper

Best Guide on How to Write an Excellent Research Paper

Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Writing an A-Grade Research Paper

Often, students are required to write an essay. This requirement has its dreadful experiences especially if one is not conversant with the writing process. The “how am I even supposed to write this essay?” fear has been rather a common experience for most writers at some point during their studies. In this article, you are going to learn about life saving idea on the best approach to write your essay with less hassle.

Research paper writing is a skill. You’ve got to be patient and committed. With a well laid out approach for writing your papers, those term papers won’t take much of your fun time!

Research Paper Writing Process

Familiarize Yourself with the Topic

The initial step to starting your essay involves familiarizing yourself with the topic content. This is by conducting a preliminary research (In case you have a problem choosing a topic, check on the article on “How to choose the best essay topic for your paper”). The best way to do a preliminary research is to scheme through various resources, both academic and non-academic. However, we encourage you to be keen when it comes to non-academic sources.

You need to ensure non-academic sources are relatively reliable. Nonetheless, avoid using these sources when writing your paper. The sole purpose of using non-academic sources is to broaden your thinking while writing the paper!

While going through the various sources, identify points and ideas related to your topic. These points play an important role when organizing your paper. They help you to develop a mental picture of how to approach your research paper.

“Preliminary research is the door to starting your essay. A goods preliminary research helps define the scope of your paper, the structure to use, the major issues to develop and most importantly, it helps in writing your research paper faster.”

Do a Secondary Research Using Reliable Sources

This step involves researching for academic sources to use for your paper. Now that you know the areas to cover, you are at a much better position to research for relevant and current sources to use in your paper. Do an in-depth review of these sources.

Develop Thesis Statement and an Outline

Once the review of the sources is complete, develop a thesis statement for your paper. This is the driver in your “research essay bus”. You do not want to lose track!

Using the ideas you have gained on the topic, create a draft of a well-structured and comprehensive outline for your essay based on the developed thesis statement. The outline should be structured in a manner that accounts for the page requirement of your essay. Seems like we just answered “how do I structure my 5, 8 or 10 page essay paper?”

Write Your Essay

Once the above process is complete, you are only remaining with writing the final paper. Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of the topic, its scope and have an outline, the write-up should not be a problem. It ought to be the easiest of all the steps. In order to avoid digressing and compromising on coherency, it is advisable to adhere to the outline.

Exceptions may be made in cases when you come across a rather indispensable idea related to the essay topic. However, ensure the integration of this new idea does not compromise on the coherency of the whole essay paper. The flow of your research paper should be maintained at its best no matter what.

Edit and Perfect Your Paper

Once you are done with the write-up, edit your paper to ensure it is free from such as logical and grammar errors. There you go! Submit that paper with confidence!

Nonetheless, note that the effectiveness of this approach comes with time; it is a skill but once mastered, well, the “essay writing” phobia becomes a thing of the past!

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Published on: 14 Dec 2018