Buy a Philosophy Paper Online Written by Professional Academic Writers

Buy a Philosophy Paper Online Written by Professional Academic Writers

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Essay writing often proves difficult to most students. Writing a philosophy is no different.Actually, philosophy essay writing is even more challenging as compared to many other papers because its writing approach significantly differs from that of other subjects as we will cover on this article.

Owing to the potential challenges presented by philosophy essay assignments, students often seek help from professional essay writing sites. It is perfectly okay to pay a professional write to 'write my philosophy essay for me'.

However, at CustomizedEssayWriting, we aim to help students improve their philosophy writing skills. Consequently, we would like to explore the nature and basics of philosophy papers and writing. We will also cover reasons as to why you should buy philosophy essays from us.

We believe it is important to understand some of the crucial dos and don’ts of writing a philosophy paper.

What is a Philosophy Paper?

Philosophy refers to the study of fundamental nature of reality, knowledge, and existence. You can consider philosophy as the thinking of thinking- in simple terms; philosophy involves the asking, answering and arguing about specific issues, concepts, beliefs among others. The exploration of knowledge in philosophy covers all elements of life.

Therefore, a philosophy paper is a piece of writing presenting a person’s arguments, answers or questions about a specific aspect of life such as reality, knowledge and existence. It is a reasoned defense or opposition of a certain thesis statement.

Writing a Philosophy Paper

Any academic writing requires careful planning, eagerness to learn and patience. Most importantly, academic writing is the result of practice, training and hard work.

Nonetheless, writing a philosophy essay requires more that the above factors we have just stated. Philosophy papers differ greatly from other academic papers.

For philosophy papers, you are trying to ascertain a specific point, which is often foundational and abstract in nature. You oguht to convince the reader of your philosophy essay to accept your arguments using justifications. 

In order to convince your reader, your paper ought to be in concise and clear prose explaining and/or defending an argument. The strength of your arguments determines the strength of your paper and its convincing capability. You should also find a way to organize your work in a manner that facilitates convincing your reader.

The one thing you need to avoid in a philosophy paper is including opinions. Philosophy papers are simply allergic to opinions because they lack grounds and evidence to support them.

Types of Philosophy Papers

Application Papers

Application philosophy papers require a person to use a theoretical framework or its principle(s) to explore a specific situation. The key to acing these kind of philosophy essays is to understand the theory or principle in question comprehensively. Such an understanding will enable you to evaluate how a philosopher would respond to your situation from the perspective of your theory/principle.

Critical Summary

This can be a part of any philosophy essay or a standalone paper. They involve exploring the structure or claims of another philosophy source and their critical assessment.

The critical assessment involves criticizing the arguments presented in the source you are summarizing using evidence to support your points.

Thought Experiments

These philosophy papers often present a response to a thought experiment (in simple terms, a scenario). They are common in applied courses ethics such as philosophy of medicine and bio-medical ethics.

Compare and Contrast

These philosophy papers attempt to explore the similarities or differences between philosophy papers, principles and/or theories.

Exegesis/Research Papers

The objective of these papers is to show that you understand a specific topic/theory in philosophy. Research papers involve the examination of various sources which are then synthesized into a clear and concise paper showing your understanding of an issue, principle or theory. Exegesis papers are similar to research papers but can involve only one text as the source.

Thesis Papers

These are similar to research papers. However, they involve taking a stance and arguing in support of your argument.

Despite the type of philosophical paper you are working on, you need to be well organized, concise and clear while presenting your arguments.

It’s time we explored the dos and don’ts of writing a philosophy paper!

How Do I Write an Excellent Philosophy Paper?

™ Understand the Premise of Your Paper

Before you start writing your essay or even drafting an outline, make sure you comprehensively understand the premise of your topic. Writing an excellent essay without addressing the prompt that ought to be covered amounts to nothing. Its just a waste of your precious time.

In case you are the one choosing a topic, pick one that interests you.

™ Do Extensive Research

Writing a philosophy paper requires comprehensive research. Read extensively anything that you come across that is relevant to your topic. It does not matter whether you will use the source when writing your essay. For philosophy sources that are not relevant, you can skim over them to get a gist of their arguments.

Reading numerous background materials will help you portray more convincing arguments. You will also get a broad understanding of your topic, giving you the various perspectives scholars have used to approach your area of interest. You can also use these sources to guide you when making a draft outline. 

™ Organize Your Work Carefully

You need to organize your points in a manner that shows logical progress of your arguments. One way to do this is drafting an outline before working on your paper to guide you in your writing. Here is an article that can assist you in drafting your outline.

Having an outline will also help you avoid what we call ‘fortress approach’ where you present all the arguments you can find from your researched sources. Such an approach compromises on the logical progression of your ideas.

You need to only include claims you consider to be strong and for which you have strong evidence to back them. It will be easier for the reader to keep track of such arguments as compared to many arguments that are poorly organized and lackign evidence. As a bonus, you get to convince your reader easily.

The fortress approach also denies you the chance to explore arguments in an in-depth manner. The result of this is that your paper will be thinly spread.

™ Support Your Claims

Philosophy essays and opinions are two great enemies. While writing your paper, you need to make sure your claims are well supported.

You need to understand your reader will keep questioning your arguments. For example, ‘What do you mean?’ Why should I believe you?’ are some of the questions that will probably be running in the reader’s mind. You need to address such questions and you can do so by keeping your audience in mind while writing your essay. Write a paper for them not for you!

Most students often tend to overestimate their positions. This is mainly by assuming that the reader knows what the student knows. This is wrong in every measure! You need to explain everything without making any assumption that the reader knows what you are talking about. Even what may appear as obvious should not be overlooked.

You should also use strong supporting arguments. As we have highlighted in the above sections, a philosophy essay involves convincing your reader to side with you. The stronger your arguments are, the higher the likelihood of influencing the beliefs or opinions of the reader to siding with you.

™ Find a Common Ground

You need a nuance approach to make your paper more convincing. This can be achieved by finding a common ground of understanding between you and your reader from where you can progress into presenting your evidence to support your perspective.

™ Make an Outline and an Essay Draft

Making an outline is essential in helping you organize your work in a manner that shows logical progression. An outline will also help you remove points that might be weak in supporting your arguments.

After making your outline, proceed and write a draft essay that you can edit, rewrite and polish up to get an excellent final paper. Your philosophy essay needs to be organized following the basic introduction, body and conclusion structure of academic papers.

Need Help Writing Philosophy Essay?

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Why CustomizedEssayWriting's Writers are the Best in Writing Philosophy Essays?

There are crucial aspects that philosophy essays ought to have to qualify as being convincing. Our writers ensure that your paper meets these requirements.

The first thing that our writers will do while writing your philosophy paper is to ensure that there is logic in the arguments given. As we stated earlier, the essence of a philosophy essay is to convince your reader. You cannot achieve this if your arguments lack logic. The relationship of the various arguments is also checked for better and improved logical progression as one reads the essay.

Secondly, we ensure that our writers deliver essays whose premises hold water. In this case, we ensure that there is synergy between the claim and the evidence presented by the writers. We do not want a case when a claim is compromised or opposed by the same evidence that ought to have supported it.

The third aspect our philosophy essays observe is the avoidance of fallacies. Now, there are many types of fallacies and you wouldn’t want to have any in your philosophy essay. Basing your paper on fallacies or even including them in your arguments greatly compromises on the capability of your essay to convince the reader.

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Published on: 19 Jan 2019