Cheap Essay Help on My Psychology Paper by Top Custom Writing Site

Cheap Essay Help on My Psychology Paper by Top Custom Writing Site

Buy Cheap Psychology Essay from Our Experienced and Qualified Academic Writers

Often, it is a surprise to many students undertaking psychology courses how much of writing they will have to do. If you are taking psychology, you will have to write numerous papers on a variety of topics.

But, What is Psychology?

Psychology is a science concerned with the study of observable behaviors such as abstract mental processes and dreaming. The discipline aims to explore, explain and predict these behaviors. The exploration of the issue at hand is done in a systematic way

Writing psychology essays is not different from other sciences. They all aim to inform the reader of a theory, idea or an experiment. Therefore, your psychology essay should portray brevity and clarity.

More so, the essay you write should convey factual information using evidence to support main points.

What Are the Common Types of Psychology Papers?

Psychology writing involves a diverse number of academic paper formats. Some of the essay tyoes you will have to write in psychology are:

Reaction Papers

These papers seek to equip students with the ability to critically evaluate and synthesize assigned readings based on the course material. In writing a psychology reaction paper, a student should offer a brief summary of the reading you will be criticizing and a critical reaction.

In writing your critique section, you might need to incorporate your course material and external research to support your arguments.

Literature Reviews/Research Summary

These psychology papers often require a student to do extensive research in a certain topic. Once done with the research part, you should synthesize your ideas in a manner that presents new perspectives on the topic you are exploring.

Empirical Papers and Research Proposals

An empirical paper describes a completed study detailing the question the study sought to explore, current knowledge about the topic, what was done to answer the question and the results of the study.

A research proposal also explains the same aspects using a future tense. A research proposal presents the idea of an intended study.

Nonetheless, a research proposal does not give the study findings. However, it can highlight some prospected findings.

Structure of a Psychology Paper

A psychology paper follows the basic format of any academic paper. This includes the introduction, body and the conclusion sections.

Nonetheless, the structure of a psychology paper differs based on the type of research paper being written. Notably, a reaction paper, research summary and literature reviews often have a similar structure. On the other hand, research proposals and research papers have similar structure but use different tenses.

What is essential to note is that, the structure of your paper can be significantly influenced by the instructions of your paper.

Research Summaries and literature reviews take the often take the form of Introduction, body and the discussion/Implications/Conclusion.

·        Introduction

Gives the background of the study and the claim or thesis statement of your study.

·        Body

This section covers the evidence supporting and opposing your claim. This is done by exploring previous studies done on your topic. You should organize and present your evidence in a manner that leads to the conclusion you are trying to make.

·        Discussion/Implications/Conclusion

Gives your final findings and highlights areas that still remain unexplained. It also highlights the effects of your findings – what is the meaning of the findings of your study?

·        References

This comprises a list of the sources you used.

In the case of a research paper or research proposals, the structure is a bit different. The two types of papers take the structure of abstract, introduction, method, results (or predicted results in the case of a research proposal), discussion and references. Here is the paper structure for most research papers and proposals.

·        Abstract

This section is usually 150 words and briefly highlights the framework of your paper. It is included mainly if paper uses APA citation style.

·        Introduction

This section gives the background of your paper and highlight the question you will be trying to answer. The section must be written in a way that reveals the importance of the question your paper is exploring. The thesis statement and the hypotheses should be included in this section.

·        Method

You should explain how you conducted your study (or intend to in the case of a research proposal). It comprises such as research design, participants, sampling method, and intervention where necessary.

·        Results (Predicted Results in Research Proposal)

What was the findings of your study? This section answers this question by giving the data you obtained. You also need to explain how you analyzed your data in this section.

·        Discussion

This section synthesizes the results to make a conclusion in regard to your research question. Be sure to address any discrepancies that might be existing between your predictions and/or other studies and your findings. You can also highlight the implications of your results in this part.

·        References

This is a list of all the sources used to offer evidence in your essay.

More information on academic paper structuring can be gained from the article on research papers.

Writing Your Psychology Paper

Writing a psychology essay requires a broad introduction from where you narrow your focus to the question or aspect you intend to explore. You should then contextualize your paper by narrowing your arguments as you reach the end.

The one thing you should note is that your paper ought to include your perspectives or insights. You should not just reiterate what is stated in previous studies. It is important to consider having an outline – this will be your roadmap while working on your order.

While writing your psychology essay, ensure that you use facts. Such requires you to incorporate citations from previous studies. An example of reliable facts can be identified by such as:

·        According to Andrew (2006), gay rights have been liberalized … or

·        Andrew (2006) observed that gay rights … or

·        In a study in 2006, Andrew noted that gay rights …

There are numerous ways of denoting factual information you are using in your study. Such differs from the list below because they do not conform to any academic citation style:

Andrew stated that gay rights have been liberalized… or

According to Andrew, gay rights ….

These imply that you are relying on opinions to write your paper. A totally unacceptable behavior while writing psychology essays.

The one thing you need to note while denoting your facts is the correct use of citation styles. Unless stated otherwise, the American Psychological Association (APA) is the accepted citation style for psychology essays.

Therefore, if you are writing a psychology essay and you are not sure which citation style you should use, go for APA citation style.

It is a common practice in any academic paper writing to use sources not older than 10 years.

Reasons Why You Need Online Help on Your Psychology Essay

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Published on: 19 Jan 2019