Here's What You Should Know to Write the Best Argumentative Essay

Here's What You Should Know to Write the Best Argumentative Essay

Tips to Writing an Amazing Argumentative Essay tha Assures You an A-Grade

Writing an argumentative essay is one of the requirements for students, especially those taking literature classes. An argumentative paper seeks to equip students with research, writing and analytical skills. Moreover, argumentative essays aim to sharpen a student’s debating abilities.

In spite of the common nature among people to argue against each other, when it comes to writing an argumentative essay, students just can’t have peace of mind. We can relate with this challenge. That is why, at CustomizedEssayWriting, would like to help you with your argumentative essays.

You can always order for an argumentative essay from our professional writers. Our experts are eager to help you ace that assignment. But how do you get to write a good argumentative essay if that's what you intend to?

In order to write a good argumentative essay, it is essential to understand what it is in the first place. Good thing is, there is no magic to knowing what an argumentative essay is all about. This is because it is our very nature as humans to argue.

However, in this case, arguments for and against a certain claim are based on your analysis. You are basically your own critic! Therefore, we can presume that an argumentative essay is a research paper written to present crucial evidence supporting and disputing a specific claim in order to make an informative conclusion as to which side of the argument is more convincing.

An argumentative essay is more or less like a tug of war between opposing evidence on a given claim. One of the competing sides ultimately wins!

As mentioned earlier, the process of writing a good argumentative essay is pegged on good writing, research and analytical skills. Despite having good writing, research and analytical skills, the excellence of an argumentative essay may be greatly compromised due to poor topic choice. How do we then make sure that we select a good topic for our essay?

Choosing an Argumentative Essay Topic

The article “How to choose the best essay topic for your paper” gives the basics of selecting a good topic for your essay. The process of selecting an essay topic for an argumentative essay is basically the same. This article cannot exhaust the method of identifying debatable topics.

For instance, you can select your argumentative essay from newspapers, trending issues in social media, recent occurrences in the political spheres, recent research study results, cultural beliefs and many more. You are definitely a creative person! You can come up with hundred plus topics if need be.

Nonetheless, you need to ensure that your chosen argumentative essay topic is actually debatable! You need to choose a topic that has opposing perspectives. It is also important to be certain that it is possible to win the argument. This means that you will be safe siding with the perspective that seems to offer more solid evidence backed up by research.

This requirement necessitates that you know your stuff. That is, do sufficient research on your topic. The best way to familiarize yourself and get to know the nature of your chosen topic is doing a preliminary research. It is always advisable to choose a topic that reflects recent occurrences.

 Writing Your Argumentative Essay

Now that we know what an argumentative essay is all about and we have chosen an appropriate topic, let’s get down to the arguing bit. Writing a good argumentative essay obeys similar principles to writing any other research. You can revisit the article “Best guide on how to write an excellent research paper" to remind yourself of the process of writing an excellent research paper. An argumentative essay is not different from other research papers.

Just to brief you on the process as well as to apply it specifically to writing an argumentative essay, after choosing a topic that interests you, formulate a catchy title for your essay. This should be followed by preliminary research, development of an outline for your essay and the writing of your essay. It is imperative to explore both sides of the argument.

However, make sure that your preferred side of the argument has more supporting arguments. More so, the evidence should be more convincing. As simple structure for your argumentative essay can be as follows:

Introduction and background information

·        Provide a brief overview of the nature of the study

·        State your thesis statement (State your proposition)

Evidence supporting your claim

·        Evidence 1

·        Evidence 2

·        Evidence 3

Evidence opposing your claim

·        Evidence 1

·        Evidence 2


·        Restate your thesis statement

·        Sum up the results of your research (Assert that you have achieved your objective if you had stated your proposition)

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Published on: 21 Dec 2018