How to Avoid Plagiarism

How to Avoid Plagiarism

Ways to Beat Plagiarism Checkers in All Your Writing Assignments

All learning institutions expect students to adhere to the academic honor code. This code stipulates the various tenets pertaining values of integrity, honesty and truthfulness that students ought to observe. Any violation of these values, often if not always, welcomes rather unwanted penalties on the side of the student. The ultimate of such penalties is a student being dismissed.

For this reason, there is need for students to avoid plagiarism on their essays. You do not want to “red card” your learning simply for making your instructor have that sour face due to plagiarized work. Understandly, no one wants to read some plagiarized work portrayed as original. Remember that Melani Trump's speech? You don't want such outrage!

Nevertheless, how do you avoid plagiarism? This is a simple but hallenging thing to do. This is because you have to base your writing on previously established principles and ideas; yet you should not copy paste them.

"You’ve been red-carded!

You can comfortably write your paper without fear of plagiarism despite using previous literature in your writing! Here, you are going to see the various approaches that are indispensable in writing a free plagiarism paper.

Before then, we need to understand what plagiarism means. The Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines plagiarism as “to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own; use (another's production) without crediting the source; to commit literary theft; present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source.”

You also need to understand that you can plagiarize yourself. In this case, a student uses the same approach/ideas or the same paper that they had already submitted towards the completion of their course.

Having understood what plagiarism is, we can now delve into the various methods of avoiding plagiarism. These methods can help you avoid both accidental and/or intentional plagiarism. Here is a list of methods you can use to prevent the possibility of being caught up in the conundrums resulting from plagiarized work.

·        Create a Comprehensive Outline

The beauty about writing an outline in avoiding plagiarism is that it helps you be more creative while writing the essay. With an outline, you tend to write content based on your understanding of the sources used when outlining the ideas. Chances of copying the source(s) verbatim are hence close to zero.

·        Paraphrase

Despite having an outline, you might need to expound on an idea or get more information on a certain issue that you want to include in your paper. In such a case, you definitely want to avoid copying verbatim more than 2-3 words from the source.

The best way to avoid such a scenario is to read the source’s text, internalize it and then put it in your own words based on your understanding of it. You can also readvarious sources on the same idea and then form an informed opinion from your understanding of the materials. Writing such an informed opinion based on your internalization of the sources read avoids chances of plagiarism. There is no magic to it really, just reading, understanding and internalizing the read text.

·        Cite Your Sources

This is like telling your instructor to his or her face, “Yes, I plagiarized but you ain’t gona do a thing!” I bet that sounded satisfying!

Anyway, this approach is core to writing a good research paper. You should understand the various methods of citing your work. You want to make sure that the citation style you use follows the paper format given, which might include but not limited to MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago.

You also need to cite your work properly. A paraphrased idea is not cited the same way as a quote (For comprehensive understanding of the various styles of citation and in-text citation, you can check on Purdue OWL depending on the citation you are using). It is also advisable for students to try their level best to cite academically credible sources: unless your area of study is new and/or with limited sources.

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Published on: 23 Dec 2018