How to Choose the Best Essay Topic for Your Paper

How to Choose the Best Essay Topic for Your Paper

3 Easy Steps to Choose a Perfect Topic for Your Essay from a Qualified Instructor

Tutors often require their students to choose a topic for which they will do a research paper on. The process of choosing an essay topic can rather be a challenging task. This is especially due to concerns on whether the topic will suffice to please your instructor.

For the CustomizedEssayWriting team, we want to assure you that choosing a topic does not have to be an exhausting activity. The following are steps you can use to choose an excellent topic for your research paper.

1.      Brainstorm on Possible Topics that are of Interest to You

In this stage, you want to come up with probable topics for your paper. It serves you right to have at least 3 probable topics. The choosen topics should be both of interest to you and within the objectives of the course. You do not want to do a philosophy paper in a sociology class!

In case the process of determining these essay topics does not come naturally for you or from course materials, you can always find more than enough ideas from research articles within your area of interest.

All you need to do is check recommendations for future research or the limitation sections of scholarly articles. You can never go wrong with ideas from previous literature! This is because you are certain that your chosen topics have sources to back up your essay. You are also set for success knowing that your study will help close a gap in previous literature.

2.      Do Some Preliminary Research on the Chosen Topics

This process is crucial as it helps you settle on a topic that is of more interest to you. Through a brief preliminary research, you will be able to identify an area you have an interest in. Most importantly, this step helps in ensuring that you can get sufficient information on the chosen topic. Previous literature is crucial in any research paper in validating claims in an essay by referring to those sources.

Lastly, you want to explore a specific area within the chosen topic. You do not want to cover a lot of 'everything and nothing in particular!' Unless of course, getting at least a pass is not what you are looking for. Conducting preliminary research will help you choose a specific area to study within your chosen topic.

3.      Seek Comments on Your Chosen Topic If Possible

This is not a necessary step but it can be particularly important if you want to be certain that your chosen topic is something of interest among scholars and students. You can seek some comments on your chosen essay topic from such as your instructors, classmates and professionals in the corresponding industry.

Choosing the best essay topic for your paper is no different from searching for a sample from a lab freezer. With the correct labeling (in our case, topic choosing), you can never go wrong.

Other Useful Considerations when Choosing an Essay Topic

·        Ensure that the essay topic is of interest to you

We briefly stated this factor above. You do not want to be discouraged and fatigued even before you start your essay.

·        Possibility of re-using a specific essay topic

In some cases, you might be tempted to cover the same topic twice or have an essay topic applicable in two different assignments perfectly. In this case, it is imperative to ensure that you use a different approach while working on your paper. Else, it will just be a case of self-plagiarism. Nothing could be worse than this!

Now, it time to write the paper! Check out our comprehensive guide on best guide on how to write an excellent research paper. You can also check out the article on some interesting topics for your research paper.

Does CustomizedEssayWriting Help in Choosing a Research Topic?

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Published on: 15 Dec 2018