How to Write a Nature vs. Nurture Essay Easily

How to Write a Nature vs. Nurture Essay Easily

Comprehensive Nature vs. Nurture Essay Writing Guide

The question of the role of nature and nurture in influencing our personalities has been one of interest to many scholars. The debate has further been intensified in the recent with social scientists, medical practitioners and lifespan psychologists seeking to examine whether genetics or the environment of upbringing defines some aspects about a person.

It is no doubt that nature and nurture are crucial determiners of our physical development, emotional behaviors, cognitive thoughts and social behaviors. However;

  1. to what extent does either nature or nurture influence our characters?
  2. How does each of the two determiners influence the development of a person in the various stages of their lives?
  3. What are some of the personality characteristics that are determined by nature or nurture?

The need to understand such questions has continually been of interest to many. For this reason, it is no doubt that undertaking a research paper in a topic related to nature or nurture is essential. If it meets the requirements of your course, a topic on nature versus nurture is one of the areas that students should explore.

Often, people make different observations on aspects such as what influences a characteristic, the extent of the influence, the role the other determiners play and changes in the influence in the course of life.

How then do you approach a nature vs. nurture essay to have valid findings?

Writing an excellent essay on nature versus nurture deends on you having impeccable writing skills. If you have problems writing an essay, it would be advisable to check the articles on ‘how to write an excellent research paper’ and ‘writing an essay outline.

If you understand the basics on research paper writing, we can now delve into nature versus nurture essay writing.

The very first thing you would like to do in a nurture versus nature essay is to introduce your paper. In this part, you should lay the ground for what you would be covering based on your thesis statement.

The topic of nature vs. nurture is a broad one. As such, it would be crucial to set the pace for your paper by defining the framework within which your essay is comprised. For instance;

a. are you covering the topic on nature vs. nurture from a general perspective?

b. Are you examining how nature or nurture affects a personality characteristic such as homosexuality, free will, cognitive development or other aspects of behavior?

Defining what you will be covering in your introduction is essential as it will help you understand the concepts involved during research, research development in the area and in fine-tuning the content of your paper. For instance, the approach you use to introduce a paper exploring such as the importance of the study of nature and nurture, varies from that of effects of nature and nurture on gender. Both of the two approaches to introduction will also vary from that on what influences gender between nature and nurture.

The introduction of your topic should be followed by the body paragraphs of your paper as per your outline. Each body paragraph should mainly comprise of one main idea. Sufficient and relevant evidence should be used to support the main ideas.

Lastly, you need to write your concluding paragraph summarizing your paper and stating your observations as per your thesis statement.

Nature vs. Nurture Research Approach and Potential Areas of Exploration

The contribution of either the environment or the genetics has been explored through the use of twin studies. The principle guiding the use of twin studies is their closeness in gene composition - this is in the case of identical twins. The approach traces back to Sir Francis Galton.

The use of twin studies in the study of the effects of nature and nurture in defining characteristics about a person(s) involves the setting of several assumptions. The assumptions made include the presence of random mating and equal environments. It is also assumed that only one phenotype is expressed.

The twins under study are observed for a set duration that allows data collection essential to conclude on the thesis statement.

There are various issues that can be explored from the perspective of nature and nurture. These also span various disciplines such as medicine, psychology, criminology and genetics. Some of the aspects that can be explored from the nature vs. nurture perspective include:

·       Gender characteristics

·       Child development - How either nature of nurture influences on child development

·       Human intelligence

·       Criminality

·       Addiction studies

·       Human sexuality

·       Immune variances and Life expectancy

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Published on: 16 Jan 2019