Professional Guide on How to Write an Excellent Personal Essay

Professional Guide on How to Write an Excellent Personal Essay

Reliable Tips to Writing a Perfect Personal Essay

It is a common requirement that students seeking applications or scholarships in various institutions write a personal essay. A personal essay if also referred to as personal statement. These essays are not very demanding. However, they can be tricky for several reasons such as the lack of experience in writing or lack of time.

Most notable problem is that there is no set standard for personal statements. Most admission counselors judge personal essays differently. Nonetheless, it is essential that, as an applicant, you know how to express your ideas into a form that any admission counselor can resonate with.

Process of Writing a Personal Statement

First Step

The first process of writing a good personal statement is understanding what it actually is. A personal statement is a piece of writing expressing the author’s experiences and intimate thoughts.

In other words, a personal statement is an autobiographical piece showing personal growth through various relations with the environment and people. It seeks to affirm that you have positively learnt from both the good and bad experiences/situations that you have faced/encountered in life.

Second Step

The next step is understanding the type of your personal essay. This implies that you need to understand whether you will be writing a general personal statement or a response to specific questions. The approach of these two types of personal statements differs.

For the general personal statement, the author enjoys more freedom as one is not limited to a specific topic. Nonetheless, you need to ensure that what you cover is relevant and showcases your qualification for the course you are applying for and in the institution in general.

On the contrary, a personal statement based on response on specific questions is limiting. You cannot write beyond the provision of the questions.

Third Step

The next step of writing a good personal statement is understanding the approach, tone and dynamics involved while writing. A personal statement is about you. Do not waste time writing about your family members or friends! Neither should you not write about them!

That is rather confusing but the following will help you understand what this controversy is all about. The point of a personal statement is to write about you. Therefore, any information written about any other person such as a family member, friend or work colleague should be directed at informing the audience on how that particular person affected you and the decisions you make in life onwards. It’s all about you! The brief excerpts below will help make this clearer.

“…I love my dad because he is hardworking. He is the sole provider in the family and never complains. However, my mother helps my dad by running a small beauty shop…”

 This is simply wrong! Using the same context, one could make good use of the same information while writing an excellent personal essay as follows:

“…One of the most influential persons in my life is my father. Being the sole provider of the family, I have learnt to be hardworking and resilient…”


Another factor to observe while writing your personal statement is to narrow your focus. Do not be too broad in your approach. This is especially the case for general personal statements. You can achieve this by finding an angle to sell yourself in the best way possible.

For instance, you can choose to focus on people who have influenced you and your education process and how this has shaped you.

It is also advisable to always highlight factors about the institution that attract you. These can be, but not limited to, a diverse community, emphasis on hand-on skills during learning and the institution’s reputation. You can be creative and funny while writing a personal statement. Nonetheless, do not use clichés and be certain to write correctly. You definitely want to make an impression!

Factors to Consider while Working on your Personal Statement.

v Make your statement easy and simple to read and understand

Your sentence structuring should be simple, clear and well phrased. Avoid the use of complex or ambiguous words

v Be precise

Identity areas you want to cover ensuring that they all connect in portraying the best experience, skills or knowledge that will be crucial in your intended area of study.

v Edit your work

You do not want your statement to have grammar errors as this can adversely affect the chances of your application being approved. You can seek help from professional editors to edit and proofread your work. CustomizedEssayWriting has a good number of editors who can help you edit your personal essay.

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Check the sample below of a personal statement that was written exclusively as a sample personal statement

Sample Personal Statement Writing

(This is a sample of a general personal statement. This implies that the approach taken is not limited to specific questions, for instance, that may be provided by your prospective learning institution. In such a case, the first thing you do is to contextualize your personal statement by writing a precise introduction section.)

Sample Personal Statement

Undoubtedly, the experience we undergo in our lives shape the people we will be in life. I have lived in a family where the profession of physicians is regarded as a noble course. In my desire to be considered as a noble person, I developed a desire to study medicine, a decision that has brought fulfillment and contentment. Since my young age, I have had the desire to help people. I would volunteer at various social welfare activities at a young age, a desire that together with the influence from people took me to the course of study of medicine. A notable source of another influence has been the acknowledgment of the need for improved population health through advocacy of healthy living and promotion of preventive care within our families and hospitals. It will be a great honor to be part of the medical professions movement that will revolutionize health care through a comprehensive and effective health practices.

(The next thing you want to do is to write about such as your experiences, relations, studies and work and how they contribute to your decision to seek your intended studies and give you an advantage. You may also want to explain the benefits or experience that your intended studies will give you in such as improving yourself and the society in general. For instance you can explain how studying at your intended institution will allow you to interact with people in a better way or be active in promoting community development.)

My interest in medical studies has been at the core of the determining factor in my studies and activities. I did my medical studies at the University of Medicine 1 at Myanmar between the year 2000 to 2005 during which I had exposure to several activities that have proved pertinent in my practice. One of the pertinent involvements has been my intensive participation in research where I collaborated with other students to undertake research in preventive care and family health. It is an undoubted fact that the research has established itself at the heart of good health practices. In theses particular studies, I realized that social connections have the power to influence outcome among patients during our research on family health. Moreover, collaboration with other researchers was crucial in shaping my interpersonal and teamwork skills that have proved beneficial in all my medical activities. For instance, during my volunteer programs at Asian Diabetes Center and Bi Hoon Che Clinic, I was required to collaborate with other medical staff personnel to determine diagnosis and management plans.  

Right from my graduate studies, I have been active in the practice of my medical studies. As highlighted above, I have volunteered in various programs and have also worked in various hospital and organizations aiming to improve population health. All these involvements have been pertinent in my gaining of experience regarding medical practice. Of more importance is the influence that these involvements have had in shaping my area of specialization. I choose to be a doctor as a career. However, nothing has been more fulfilling than an instance of relief to patients. The glow, happiness, and hope reflected in the faces of patients have continued to increase my passion for being a doctor. The social connections I created with my patients during their treatment and basic medical education have enabled me to be attached to a community that I feel needs more help through comprehensive population health and medical studies to patients.

(Lastly, you want to conclude on your personal statement by restating the benefits you will get by being admitted at your prospected learning institution. You also need to conclude by expressing gratitude in hope for an admission.)

I would love to undertake my medical studies in a diverse environment for exposure to different cultures to improve my personal growth and improve my cultural sensitivity. Exposure to cultural sensitivity is essential in my dealing with patients of various cultures. Your institutions appear to provide the best environment to attain this need while also providing the best environment for medical studies. Therefore, I would be greatly appreciative for the privilege of admission.

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Published on: 29 Dec 2018