How to Write an Excellent Review Essay

How to Write an Excellent Review Essay

Guidelines for Writing an Academic Review Paper

Review essay writing is essential. It serves as the metric through which the validity, relevance, and credibility of another author’s work is examined. Review paper writing involves providing a summary as well as an evaluation of a specific academic source.

While writing a review essay, you need to consider the fact that it is written for an audience knowledgeable in the topic. For this reason, it is common for a review essay to be written from the perspective that the reader is aware of the facts of the source being discussed. What this means is that, in writing a review essay, you do not delve into the minor details that you would otherwise explain to the general audience. This does not mean that you should not include information while writing your review essay.

Review essay writing differs from reflection essay writing. This is because a review paper doesn't involve your feelings. It entails a critical evaluation of a source using established principles to ascertain its academic value.

On the other hand, a reflection is mainly a personal response to a specific piece of writing.

What is the Purpose of Writing a Review Paper?

As a student, you will be involved in the writing of review essays for various reasons. These include:

  1. A review essay gives you more in-depth understanding in a particular topic.
  2. Review essay writing acts as an opportunity to update yourself on current and recent progress on a your topic. Writing a review paper requires you to evaluate several sources you'll use to back up your argument – often, the most recent sources. Subsequently, you get information pertaining recent developments on your topic.

How to Write a Review Essay

Writing a review paper involves undertaking a logical evaluation on a source of interest. This evaluation involves assessing for such as, but not limited to, the positive aspects of a reading, gaps and contradictions. You also evaluate your material of interest for inconsistencies.

In making the assessment, you consider the main themes, arguments, research approach, implications on future research that the material you are reviewing has. The logical evaluation of these components forms the foundation of writing a review paper.

Process of Writing a Review Essay

Now that you know what to consider while writing a review essay, it’s time to explore the writing approach.

Preliminary reading

In writing a review essay, you start by doing a preliminary reading. In this case, you read through the text that you will be reviewing, briefly noting major issues of interest.

Preliminary research

Once you have read your text of interest, do some preliminary research on external sources covering your topic and the aspects you have noted during the preliminary reading stage. While doing the external research, note issues that support the approach taken by the text you are reviewing, issues suggesting contradictions or gaps and arguments supporting or opposing arguments presented.

A preliminary research gives you a mental picture of how you will set up your review essay.

Develop an outline and a tentative thesis statement

Using this metal picture, note down the approach your will take while writing your review paper by writing a tentative thesis statement and an outline.

Secondary research

Using the rough outline you’ve made, do some in-depth research using credible and relevant academic sources. Note crucial ideas that develop on the previous points you noted in your outline – use them to perfect your outline or make some additions. 

Note that, a comprehensive understanding of the text you will be evaluating is an essential prerequisite to writing an excellent review essay.

Write your essay

Once you have noted ideas to use while writing your review essay and their corresponding citations, proceed to write your essay. While doing the write-up, ensure that your ideas flow for ease follow through by your audience.

A critical factor to note is that writing a review is more than giving an OPINION! This is what differentiates a review essay from a reflection essay. A review essay requires that you include logical evaluation – achieving this sort of evaluation requires you to support your arguments with evidence.

Edit your essay

Lastly, edit your review paper while evaluating it relative to the outline to ascertain that you have covered all the areas you had noted.

How Do You Write an Introduction for a Review Essay?

An excellent introduction takes the structure of a hook, body sentences and the thesis statement. Here is a reading material to help you understand these sections and the various strategies you can use to have an excellent hook on your introduction.

Once you have settled on the strategy you will use for your hook and your thesis statement, ensure that you've captured several critical aspects to make your review paper introduction great as we will be finding out later.

Once you have written your hook, proceed into the body sentences by noting the title and the author of the text you will be reviewing. Continue writing your review essay’s introduction by noting the main themes, claims and arguments that the author presents.

You can also mention other aspects that may be crucial or will be considered while evaluating the text when writing your review paper.

Once you have done a comprehensive summation of the text you will be reviewing, proceed and note your thesis statement. Be sure to have a precise thesis statement.

The format that you use in a review paper may vary depending on instructions, and your organization of your paper. Nonetheless, have a summation at the introduction section followed by subsequent evaluations.

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Published on: 16 Feb 2019