Updated Guide on How to Write Human Trafficking Essays

Updated Guide on How to Write Human Trafficking Essays

Tips on Writing a Perfect Human Trafficking Essay

The idea of slavery is unfathomable to many people in this century. Most people would argue that the practice of slavery ended with the attainment of independence by colonies.

Nothing could be any far from the truth. The fact is, the world is far from a slavery free world. Slavery is still well practiced by many. No one wants to believe that unfortunately.

One would want to even presume that, despite slavery being practiced, treatment of slaves has improved. If this sounds like you, you are far from being right; again!

The fact is that current slavery still treats victims of the vice in an inhumane manner no different from that in history books.

Slavery exists in the form of human trafficking that has recently raised global concerns over its increased rate. The practice of human trafficking takes various forms such as illegal child labor, sex trafficking and illegal immigrant trafficking.

How Do I Write an Essay on Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is a good topic for an essay. This is because it is a major issue facing the world. However, you can't just use a topic on human trafficking. It has to meet the requirements of your essay assignment. Don't an essay on human trafficking only to end up failing miserably because the topic is irrelevant to your course.

If your course permits you to explore the topic of human trafficking, you will be lucky as it is one topic that definitely has the interest of many scholars and legislators and so forth.

Moreover, there is extensive research information on this topic. This places you in a good position in terms of finding relevant and credible evidence to support your claims.  

In writing your human trafficking essay, you need to first understand which aspect of the topic you would like to explore. Human trafficking is a broad topic and it would be impossible to cover it holistically unless you explore a specific area of concern.

For instance, you can decide to explore human trafficking as it relates to prostitution, child labor, organ trafficking or drug abuse and trafficking.

You can also explore human trafficking as a global threat to human rights, effects of human trafficking or even choose to to undertake a case study on a given region. This list is endless. There are just too many things you can explore relative to human trafficking topic.

After you have decided on the aspect of human trafficking to explore, it’s time we delved into the process of writing your essay.

Process of Writing an Essay on Human Trafficking

Do a Preliminary Research

The first thing you want to do is conduct a preliminary research. In this case, read any material exploring your chosen human trafficking issue.

At this stage, read on both academic and non-academic sources. The importance of this step is to familiarize yourself about the topic. You also gain ideas that may prove essential in broadening your approach to arguments and avoiding plagiarism.

Make a Thesis Statement

After you have gained substantive information on your issue, proceed and write a thesis statement for your paper. A thesis statement is simply a claim that you will be seeking to prove.

It is imperative as it guides you on the approach you will take in writing your essay. It will also help in filtering out irrelevant sources from those that are relevant to your essay.

Select Relevant and Credible Sources

Once you have your thesis statement, filter out irrelevant sources. Irrelevant sources, in this case, comprise sources that are not academically valid and those not related to your topic. You may be needed to do more research to get more academically valid sources.

If you choose extra research, make sure to concentrate your effort on only academic sources. In the end, you should have a list of sources that are relevant to our topic and in the writing of your essay.

Make an Outline

We have the sources we need for the essay and we have a thesis statement. It's time to make the skeleton of your essay – the outline. An outline is crucial in guiding the approach that your essay takes and in ensuring that you do not digress from your intended objective.

It is also important in helping you meet your intended page or word count. For instance, for a 5 paragraph essay, you need at least 3 points each taking a paragraph – the introduction and the conclusion take the last 2 paragraphs. For a 6-page essay you need several points based on how many you include in a page (or average number of paragraphs you write in a page).

Students and writers should always have an essay outline. It is the skeleton of your essay and it's unlikely and chellneging as well to have a solid body of an essay without a well-written and structured outline.

Write Your Draft Essay

It’s time to write your essay. If you did a good preliminary research and have a solid outline, this should be a walk in the park! You just need to write your human trafficking as per your outline. Once in a while, you may need to do more research to help you support your points.

While writing your essay, make sure you cite your work. Be sure to have good transitioning and structure and set an effective essay background that captures your readers.

Read Through Your Draft while Editing

Once you are done writing your essay, you need to fine-tune it. Read through your work while editing it for any grammatical or logical error. You should also ensure that your human trafficking essay shows logical progression from one section to another.

An even more crucial factor to consider is having addressed your thesus statement concisely and comprehensively. Have you answered your research question? Have you used a scientifically valid approach to answer your research question on human trafficking?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself while reading through the paper.

At this stage, you should also affirm that you have correctly cited your work and checked it for plagiarism. You do not want to do all the work we described above and then fail on the basis of your essay being plagiarized.

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Published on: 26 Jan 2019