Effective Tricks to Write Your Essay Assignment Fast

Effective Tricks to Write Your Essay Assignment Fast

Tips to Writing a High-Quality Essay More Quickly

In all honesty, writing essay papers is a no one's love. Writing college essays sucks! More so, who wants to be stuck on the computer writing essays while you probably have a party next door?

The thing is, it doesn’t matter how much you love your studies, course and so on, you will need to be involved in other activities else you will be bored to death!

How well you balance your studies and other activities depends on how well you manage your time. Writing academic papers is challenging and requires training, practice, guidance and skills. Additionally, significant amount of time is needed to write your essay paper.

How then do you balance between writing essay assignments and having some extra time to meet your ‘extra-curriculum activities’?. You are in college, aint you? We all need to go to a party, date etc once in a while.

You might have also noted that college is filled with numerous essay assignments and they can easily accumulate into a bulk no human would want to have.

The fact is, you can easily balance between essay writing (and avoid the essay burden) and your social life if you master a thing or two to help you write your essay faster.

How do you write your essay faster and still get an excellent grade?

Here are tips to help you achieve this. These tips are given with the assumption that you are conversant with research paper writing.

Tips to Write Your Essay Faster

ü Analyze the Question

You need to understand the topic and the objective(s) of you essay. understanding essay assignments is the foundation to working on your research and organizing your ideas. You will also be able to filter your points to remain with only strong and relevant points after research.

This stage involves brainstorming on all possible approaches your paper can take. Briefly note these approaches to help you during research.

ü Do a Quick Preliminary Research on Your Topic

In doing a preliminary research, you research on all materials, both relevant and irrelevant to your topic, as long as they have information related to your essay topic. You can also read both academic and non-academic materials at this stage.

The idea is not to read all the materials. No! Remember we are aiming to write our essay faster? You should only skim through the materials taking major points. You can also breifly note these points. This should take about 10-20 minutes…the point is skimming and identifying as much points as possible on your topic.

ü Engage Your Subconscious Thinking

This might sound weird and you won’t find many people advising you to do so. But believe you me, subconscious thinking is the key to doing wonders in a short time. Have doubts? Do som research on distinguished scientists such as Marconi, Einstein and Edison. You will realize that they all relied on their subconscious thinking to come up with inventions or to perfect them.

In your case, activating your subconscious mind will help you get the big picture of your essay. If subconscious thinking is your thing, you should be able to synthesize the information you got during preliminary research relative to the requirements of your paper to have a more in-depth understanding of what is needed. Such will prove essential while writing your paper.

This step also gives you a mental picture of how best you should approach the essay. That is the most crucial thing about this step.

Once you have your preferred approach for your essay, note it and use it in the next step. You might also want to make a simple thesis statement based on your approach.

ü Do a Comprehensive Research

Now that you already have an approach to use and a rough thesis statement, do a comprehensive research only selecting academically valid and relevant sources. The direction of your research should be determined by the approach and the thesis statement of your paper. You can still use some of the relevant and academically valid sources you may have found during preliminary research.

You should set a time limit within which you should have done your research. The time you take to do your research should be determined by the intended length of your essay. For instance, a 5-page essay should take at most 10 minutes, a 5-paragraph essay should take about 5 minutes and so on. You can adjust the time requirement based on your researching skills but keep it at minimum. Remember to push yourself!

During this stage, you also shouldn’t do much of reading. Rather, you should skim through the sources to see if a source is relevant or not. A fast way to determine if a source is relevant is reading its abstract and conclusion.

The objective of this step is to have a list of sources relevant to your essay so that once you start writing, you will not need to do any further substantial research.

ü Make a Rough Outline

This forms the skeleton of your essay and will be essential in writing an essay faster. It will also ensure that you have sufficient points to meet the length requirement of your essay.

An outline will guide your writing such that you will be able to meet the objectives of your essay. Otherwise, you will find yourself here and there and nowhere in particular – a disaster in your essay writing.

You should use your researched sources to make your outline – remember we are making a draft outline. However, make sure to note crucial points under every topic sentence you have so that when you are writing, you will not need to reread the source.

In fact, with your outline, you should use the noted points and your understanding during preliminary research and the secondary research to write your essay. You shouldn't have to reread materials once again. Needless to say is that, in so doing, you will be able to avoid plagiarism.

ü Write Your Essay

This should take minimal time since you have all the information you need. You only need to express the points noted in your outline in a pros form.

Once in a while, you might need to do some minor research to express a particular point in a more persuasive manner. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t do extensive research since you already have some information to start you off on that particular point.

ü Edit Your Work

This is the final step. It involves checking your work for any grammatical and logical errors. Check the essay draft to ascertain that it meets the requirements of the essay assignment. There you go! You are done with your paper.

This process of writing your essay faster may seem simple and yes it is. But, you need to practice, and continually improve how quickly you write your essay.

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Published on: 19 Jan 2019