Paid and Free Plagiarism Checkers

Paid and Free Plagiarism Checkers

List of Plagiaism Checkers Online – Get a $5 Plagiarism Report from Reputable Plag Checker

Plagiarism is a dreaded monster by most students, instructors and scholars in general. As a student or a scholar, you are often required to base your work on previous knowledge. Inherent to this requirement is that, you are prone to copy some of the content verbatim. This results in your essay being plagiarized or a part thereof. However, knowing how to avoid plagiarism gives you peace of mind while working on your essay.

Considering the adverse effects that plagiarized work has on academic performance and reputation of a scholar, there has been an increasing need to affirm that one’s work is free of plagiarism.

Subsequently, there has been a skyrocketing development of plagiarism checkers. As CustomizedEssayWriting, we are glad to assist you with information on some credible, both paid and free, plagiarism checkers.

Before we indulge on the various plagiarism checkers, it would be important to remind you of what plagiarism entails. In simple terms, plagiarism is the act of presenting another person’s idea, words or work as your own or not acknowledging another person’s idea or words.

Most students are not aware of self-plagiarism in which case a person uses the same work or similar approach in two different papers. Based on these definitions, there are various types of plagiarism that comprise of such as:

Direct Plagiarism

This is the verbatim use of words by another person.

Accidental Plagiarism

This can include such as forgetting to cite a section of your work, misquoting or unintended occurrence of text in a word -by-word manner.


Producing or copying your own work that you had submitted previously.

While working on your paper, you need to ensure that it is free from any form of plagiarism. In affirming this, you will need to check your work for the existence of any plagiarism using similarity checkers.

Some of the plagiarism checkers offer paid services while others offer free plagiarism checking services. Remember that you can get a plagiarism report from us for only $5 on any work you order with us. The report is generated using a reliable and well-acknowledged plagiarism checker among most institutions and journals. You don’t need the hassle!

Here is a list of some of the major plagiarism checking tools .

Paid and Free Plagiarism Checking Tools

There are several free plagiarism checking tools online. Some of the major free plagiarism checking tools include:


v Quetext - Both free-lacks deep scan- and paid services

SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Checker

Copyleaks (allows 2500 words for free per month)

Plagium (free version lacks deep scan capability)

v PlagiarismChecker


v Plagtracker


v Unplag

You can use the above free plagiarism checkers to screen your work for any similarity.

However, you do need to consider the fact that these free tools are often more suited for online publishers and bloggers and rather not for educational use.

Another thing to note is that most of these tools lack deep scan capability. Mind you, they are free and maybe that’s the best we can get for free. This implies that for educational use, these tools might not be suitable as they may not detect some similarity within your work.

Most of them also have a 1000-word limit for each scan. This implies that you will need to do several scans for a paper of more than 1000 words.

Why should you have to worry about not having scanned your paper comprehensively or having to upload your paper severally to check for plagiarism? Why not use software dedicated to the plagiarism checking?

The fact is, you need to consider the use of a dedicated plagiarism checker, especially for educational purposes. Some of the major plagiarism checking tools with a good reputation among many scholars and learning institutions include:

Turnitin – Our preferred plagiarism checker as it is used by many institutions

Write Check


v PaperRater

v Ithenticate

SafeAssign – Another plagiarism checker used by many learning institutions

 The choice of the plagiarism tool to use depends on your financial capability and the depth of scan that you need for your paper. As a student, you will definitely need a similarity checker that offers features such as source report, and deep scan capability.

However, you need to ensure that your plagiarism checker does not store the scanned content for future reference as this would imply that your work will appear as having been plagiarized upon submitting to your instructor.

We like to encourage students to use Turnitin plagiarism checker for it has gained massive reputation among many learning institutions.

However, unless you are submitting to your instructor, you need to ensure that your Turnitin is disabled from storing content.

Do You Need Help Checking Your Paper for Plagiarism?

At CustomizedEssayWriting, our goal is to ensure that students get quality customized essays. A customized essay cannot be of high quality if it is plagiarized. On that note, CustomizedEssayWriting offers several services that might help you avoid plagiarism issues.

The first thing you might want to consider is paying our highly-experienced writers to write a research paper for which you can use in writing your final draft. The paper will be written in the best quality and to your satisfaction with the assurance that it does not have any plagiarism issue. We do not condone deliver of plagiarized work to our esteemed clients.

You can also consider asking for an outline to use when writing your essay. But why should you ask for an outline for your essay? The beauty with an outline is that it gives you an idea to use while writing your essay. It also comes with the necessary research to use in writing your research paper. Subsequently, you avoid both plagiarism and save time researching on your essay.

You can also consider requesting for an editing order in which case a professional editor will review your essay for any plagiarized sections and edit them. By doing so, you will have avoided chances of plagiarism.

You can also request for a plagiarism report for only $5 to be sent to you after your essay is worked on.

At CustomizedEssayWriting, we pride ourselves of delivering quality and plagiarism free papers. We also customize our papers to fit your requirements. We are here because of and for you.

Published on: 10 Jan 2019