Subject: Journalism and Mass Communication
Topic: Evaluate the social media feed(s) of a sports journalist
Language: English (U.S.)
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For this assignment, you will be asked to evaluate the social media feed(s) of a sports journalist. This process will include examining the types of content they publish on social media, the tone of their interactions with other people, and the frequency with which they use social media. For each of those three sections, you should write approximately 1-3 paragraphs that clearly describe the elements requested. You will be allowed to choose from a short list of 7 journalists for this assignment. That list includes the following: Andy Glockner (@andyglockner) Bomani Jones (@bomani_jones) Andy Katz (@ESPNandykatz) Rachel Nichols (@rachel_nichols) Sage Steele (@sagesteele) Grant Wahl (@grantwahl) Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojyahoonba)

Sports Journalism: Grant Wahl




Sports journalism

Sports journalism is the act of reporting of topics relating to sports or games. The major points of consideration by sports reporters are sports and the sports stars. One of the distinguishing characteristic in most reports regarding sports stars is the conduct of interviews. The world of sports journalism is very dynamic. According to Raymond (2006) sport and its culture is determined by the era producing it. This consequently determines the fate of the sports journalism.

           Grant Wahl is an American writer well known sports writer for the sports illustrated. His work mainly involves soccer and college basketball. One of the important characteristics of sports news is the investigation attached to it. One of his major works that suggests this is his journal, ‘The Beckham Experiment.” In this journal, he covers the career story of Beckham surrounding the Galaxy-Atlanta major league soccer. He also conducted a study on the business surrounding the soccer community. His influence in the soccer world became prominent when he was included in a global soccer survey team for the sports illustrated.

           Grant also has been extensively involved in the college basketball. In one instance in his post on twitter, he relates football with college basketball. He played a major role in a weekly article by the name the Bag and the Bilastrator, which covered concerns in the college basketball. One thing that is clear about Grant is his enthusiastic tone. Grant’s interaction with others seems to be naïve but with a well set goal. He strategizes his work while using the naivety to bring liveliness in his discussions. This enthusiastic nature in his interactions earns him credit even to his rivals. In a tweeter post, Trevor Brandy admits that he loves to hear Grant’s reports despite their clear conflicts exhibited in their posts (Wahl, 2012).

Another open attribute of Grants reports is his critical nature. He pins individuals who appear to be crossing his line of facts.The intimacy of his interactions in his interviews softens his critical nature. He is able to find his way into his correspondents skins, making them submit to his interviews.

Sports journalism is an actual fieldwork. However, a new trend of online information gathering has emerged killing the investigative power of the sports journaling (Reed, 2013). The activeness of this occupation will therefore end up being lost (Raymond, 2006). Grant admits to be a lover for the social media. To him, the social media is a tool to enable him to create good rapport with sports stars which is beneficial to his career. Ominous acts perpetration may occur also through the social media, as is the case in the European soccer.

Grant’s love for the social media is to disseminate information to others (Mclyntyre, 2009). In an interview, Grant claims that the benefits of the social media greatly surpass the shortcomings of the same (Laird, 2012). His love for the social media however comes with precautions on its usage. He further says that hesensitive on the people he tweets.

Sports journalism requires constant interaction with people and requires one to be abreast with the enthusiastic nature of the sports context. What to publish and how to publish it therefore form a great additive for one’s career.


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