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The Super Bowl [ ] is Sunday, February 5, on FOX. Kickoff is usually around 6:30 p.m., but the pregame show can start much earlier. The program’s rating is usually the highest of the TV season and the Super Bowl routinely earns a 40.0+ rating. Since it reaches such a large television audience, the Super Bowl is often seen as the championship of advertising, as well as the championship of the NFL. Millions of dollars are spent on producing TV commercials and buying the time on the television network carrying the game. The Assignment: Beginning at 6, pick the three commercials you consider most effective, your three least-effective commercials, and the top three FOX non-sports programs promoted on-air during the pregame show and the first half of the game. The more explanation as to why you chose the commercials you did, the higher your grade. Finally, research the average cost of what it costs to buy a 30-second spot during FOX’s coverage of the game. The Super Bowl Commercials website:

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Super Bowl Commercial Survey

The most effective commercials

a.     Wix Superbowl Commercial- starring Jason Statham and Gal Gadot

This ad is full of action and is packed with creativity, power, music and great plot. People were even requesting the producers to make it a full length movie (“The Best 2017 Super Bowl”). This ad was catchy and drew more crowds to watch the Super Bowl.

a.     Budsweiser Super Bowl Commercial- Born the Hard Way

This ad shows the American founder, Anheuser Busch who hailed from Spain arrive in the United States to meet hostile people. He then travels to the middle of the country to establish himself. This ad sparked political controversy in the wake of Trump’s immigrant’s policy.

b.    Airbnb Super Bowl Commercial- We Accept

This ad was about tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity in the American soil. The commercial gives a message of acceptance and love towards people of all colors and from different backgrounds.

The least effective commercials

a.     Mr. Clean Super Bowl commercial- Cleaner of Your Dreams

The commercial was funny but did not pass the message intended directly. One had to struggle fumbling its meaning.

b.    Bai Super Bowl Commercial- BaibaiBai

The commercial shows Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken recreate a 90’s pop hit song BaiBaiBai (“The Best 2017 Super Bowl”). However, it does not have a catchy message and can only be labeled as fair.

c.     Mercedes Super Bowl Commercial- Born to be Wild

This commercial was meant for people who are more adventurous on the roads. However, this ad would be more appealing to people who can afford to buy Mercedes Vehicles which are expensive.

The three FOX non- sport programs promoted during the pregame show and first half of the game

a.     The commercial by fast food brand Wendy’s which features foreigners “Cold as Ice”. This ad was aimed at promoting the fast food brand which is not a sport program.

b.    Its 10 Hair care also advertised their men’s hair care line during the game. The commercial was promoting a hair care line known as “Its 10 Hair Care”.

c.     Kia Super Bowl Commercial on Heroes Journey which was promoting environmental preservation from the great seas, forests and the polar ice caps.

Fox was charging 5 million dollars for a 30 second spot on Super Bowl while advertisers were being charged 2.5 million dollars for the same (Kramer, par 1).  

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