Terms and Conditions

CustomizedEssayWriting is an online education platform aiming to facilitate the improvement of writing skills of its clients by connecting them to professional writers who provide papers that can be used for guidance purposes.

Upon placing an order with CustomizedEssayWriting, it is deemed that the user has read, understood and agreed to the stipulations of the terms and conditions of use of this website. In instances where there is conflict between other agreements and the stipulations provided by CustomizedEssayWriting’s terms and conditions of use of any form, the provisions of this agreement prevail. As we seek to improve our customer experience and security, these rules may be revised over time.

Registration, Order Placing and Processing

1.0 During registration, a client is expected to provide us with his/her names (not necessarily official names), a contact phone number (this is used for messaging in dire situations) and his/her email address. This information will not be used for any other purpose or be disclosed to any other party including our writers.

1.1 CustomizedEssayWriting mediates between clients and freelance writers. We do not collect fees for order placing. Orders that may have not been completed due to various reasons such as very short deadline relative to order requirements and/or lack of a free freelance writer qualified to tackle a specified order requirement will be refunded in full.

1.2.0 Payment of Order Orders will only be assigned to writers upon successful payment by the client as per the invoice of that particular order. Once an order has been marked as complete, the client will have 14 days to request for any revisions or dispute an issue. Once the 14 days window is over, a client will be assumed to be contented with the service and/or experience they got from CustomizedEssayWriting. Clients are responsible for payment of taxes if applicable.

1.2.1 Order Processing Once an order has been confirmed to have been assigned to a writer, it will be completed as per the provisions provided by the client. The writer will be deemed responsible to adhere to the client’s requirements such as the number of pages, number of references and providing original and quality work. During the processing of an order, the client is expected to provide all the information that might be needed for the successful completion of an order. This includes but not limited to clarification of instructions, provision of preferred resources if not accessible by the writer and ensuring timely and effective communication with the writer or the support team. Change of instructions should be done not later than a third of the allocated time. For orders with very short deadline, this time may be shorter as deems fit to the support and the writer to avoid cases of late delivery due to such issues of late instruction change. Clients will be subject to partial refund should he/she cancel an order at a time that is deemed inconveniencing to the company and/or the writer. This includes but not limited to late cancellation of orders or at a time when a significant part of it has been worked on. The refund amount in such cases will be at the discretion of the support with the client being informed on the reasons leading to the decision and subsequent justification on the same. Considering the huge amount of orders processed, it is difficult to complete all the orders placed. The client is expected to keep track on their order in case writers in a particular field for which the order falls are all engaged. Nonetheless, we are continually working to see that we work on all orders. Currently, 94% of orders placed are completed.

1.2.2 Order Revision and Refund Policy Clients have the right to request for revisions until their expectations are met. All the revisions are free unless there is change of the initial instructions. In case of any change of initial instructions, the client will be expected to either add payment to cater for the new instructions or if the change has minor effects on the paper done, agree with the writer on the way forward. Clients are expected to request for revision or refunds within a period of 14 days as per the provisions of clause Revisions requested later than the provided 14 Days since the orders deadline lapsed or since an order was marked as complete will be considered invalid unless decided otherwise by the company. CustomizedEssayWriting is expected to ensure writers deliver products as per the specifications of the client and in a timely manner. Violations to a client’s provisions entitles him/her for a full or partial reimbursement. Any refund request should be addressed to the support team and should be done as per clause Instructions should not be changed during a request for a revision as per the provisions of clause 1.2.3 Product Once a client has made an order with CustomizedEssayWriting, it will be deemed that he/she has agreed to use the product provided for personal and non-commercial use only. Full copyright of products remains with CustomizedEssayWriting and its partners and affiliates. Products should not be submitted to any third party for the purpose of completion of an academic or professional course. Our products are to be used for guidance purposes. Once a product has been delivered to the client, it will not be modified, redistributed, reproduced or displayed in any way that limits its use by the client.


By making an order with CustomizedEssayWriting, you acknowledge that:

2.0 CustomizedEssayWriting reserves the right to cancel or terminate any agreement that attempts or condones the use of products delivered as their own work. Clients will be expected to observe the provisions of clause Clients will be deemed liable for violation of clause and CustomizedEssayWriting and its partners or affiliates have the right to terminate any further assistance to a client found to violate this term or any other provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

2.1 CustomizedEssayWriting will not be liable for any illegal, unethical wrongful or inappropriate use of its products. Clients who act contrary to the provisions of our Terms and Conditions will be responsible and the company will have the right to terminate any further collaboration. This includes but not limited to loss of such as scholarships/prizes/grants, academic probations, plagiarism and lawsuits.

Privacy Policy

CustomizedEssayWriting is very much concerned about the privacy of its clients. In order to uphold this provision, the following are some crucial fundamentals:

3.0 During the rendering of our services, we only request our clients to provide information stipulated in clause 1.0. Any further information is only requested if necessary. Nonetheless, we will never request for information that may jeopardize your security in any way. Other information that we collect about our clients is mainly through the use of cookies and includes:

  • IP address
  • Information on device being used to access our website
  • Your interaction with our website
  • Technical information

This information is collected for the purposes of ensuring effective communication, improve your experience while using our website and to update or inform you on our products/services.

3.1 We only store our clients’ information for a period no longer than we need it. Clients are also at liberty to request that we delete any information we might be having about them.

3.2 Any information collected from our clients will never be used for other purposes rather than those comprised in our stipulations. We seek to ensure full transparency.

3.3 Clients are required to never, at any time and for any reason, share their personal details to writers. These includes but not limited to emails, phone numbers and/or their names. This helps use to meet our security and privacy provisions as a company.


4.0 All communication will be through emails and/or messages. In dire situations, clients will be messaged through their phone numbers.